Wellness Challenge

One of the things we value at Wilde Advisory Group is a healthy balanced lifestyle.  Our team is making fitness and wellness fun by competing in monthly challenges that promote physical activity, mental wellness and healthy eating.  We keep things interesting with new challenges each month and motivate each other along the way.  Past challenges have included the most km walked/ran, total active minutes for the month, 12 days of wellness leading into Christmas and we are currently in a competitive game of wellness BINGO!

Here’s what some of our team had to say about the challenges:

“I love participating in the wellness challenges. It brings out my competitive side and motivated me to get my butt in gear (especially after an extra relaxing holiday season!). Not only did it help me get back into a fitness routine, it also made me try new things that I never would of tried on my own such as gratitude journaling, mindfulness exercises and less technology before bed!” – Michelle Brown, Executive Assistant M Consulting

“The challenges are a great mix of mental and physical well-being tasks. It has been fun to see what else I can incorporate into my daily routine to make sure I’m taking care of myself. I find the challenges effective in keeping small, but beneficial, habits top of mind and it’s a fun way to stay connected with the Wilde crew! Having a team to support and encourage me has been really uplifting, especially now that we are working from home.” – Christina Duff, CPA, CA

“I love the new fitness challenges at work! They’ve really kept me motivated to continue to work out, even with all the gyms and group fitness classes closed. It helps keep me accountable and prevents me from skipping my workouts.” – Ashley Rinke, CPA


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