Natasha Palichuk

CPA, MPAcc, Manager, Tax

Fun Facts/Personal tidbits

• I have been dancing for almost as long as I could walk, and even have the equivalent of an undergraduate degree in ballet.
• I’m terrified of heights! Mountaintops, airplanes, and the tops of skyscrapers are some of my least favourite places to be.
• I spent a semester in university living in Grenoble, France.

Experience Highlights and Special Skills

• Over seven years of experience in personal and corporate tax planning; financial statement preparation; and audit support.
• Planning and preparation of corporate reorganizations, including assisting clients with estate planning opportunities.
• Significant experience coordinating and supporting CPA students as they complete the CPA PEP Program.
• Masters of Professional Accounting from the University of Saskatchewan, 2016.
• CPA Canada’s In-Depth tax program, Fall 2021.

Community Involvement

• Past Treasurer, Brain Care Centre
• CALS general volunteer and website design

Strength’s Finder Dominant Attributes:

• Learner, Intellection, Deliberative, Input, Responsibility