Work From Anywhere

By 9th December 2020 No Comments

We are lucky enough to have the technology to allow our team to ‘Work From Anywhere’.  Team members can communicate with one another via phone, email, or Microsoft Teams chat or video calls.  They can attend client meetings using the same methods, as well as Zoom, Facetime, or any other program/app you can think of.  Each team member is equipped with a laptop that allows them to work on the same network as in the office!   Here are a few words from some of our team who work from home at least 1-2 times per week:

As somebody who lives outside of Vegreville, I’m excited to take advantage of the work from anywhere policy implemented at Wilde and Co. I am grateful that Wilde and Co. has equipped me with all the technology required to complete my job seamlessly as if I was in the office every day. The biggest perk of working from home is the improved balance in my life. Without having to commute two hours of my day, I’m able to spend more time with my family and have more downtime to enjoy my favorite things like cooking, reading, working out, etc. I do miss seeing my friends at work in person but I know they are just a Teams call away.” – Kaelyn Bodnarchuk, CPA, CA 

“The WFA policy has improved our family life, reduced stress levels and helps me be happier.  It allows me to prioritize both my kids and my work.  When daycares were closed and runny noses mean keeping your kids at home during this COVID-19 crazy year, I was still able to work without worrying about my family’s safety or the financial implications of taking time off.  WFA allowed me to work when I was able or when staff needed me.  I am grateful the ability to work, do laundry and be available to my family as needed.” – Nancy Keel, CPA, CA 

“I appreciated the flexibility of being able to work from my rural home a few days a week. As the time I save by not having to commute, enables me to be home for when my child gets picked up and dropped off for school” – Penny Tchir CPA, CA 

“The transition from working full time in the office to working a couple times a week from home has been made seamless by the technology that has been set up by Wilde and Company. The main pro of working from anywhere is that it allows me to save two hours of driving time and there is no pressure to drive on the bad winter roads. The main con of working from anywhere is not interacting with the other staff in person. However, the ability to chat via Teams is the next best thing! The tech is mainly the same between working from the office and working on the virtual network which makes changing between the two simple and painless.” – Brett Boser, Bcomm