CFE Exam

By 1st December 2020 No Comments

This year our firm had 3 articling students who wrote their CFE (Common Final Examination) which takes them one step closer to becoming designated CPA’s!  After six weeks of intensive study leave and a challenging three-day exam, they wait over two months to find out their results – talk about anticipation!

Here is what they have to say about the exam, the waiting, results day and all the accompanying emotions:

“CPA tests your determination and accounting knowledge in an application-based setting. You will spend around 15 hours each week dedicated to the program during the modules and 8-weeks leading up to the CFE spending 30+ hours a week preparing for the 3-day CFE exam. Once the exam is written there is quite a long waiting period that is nerve wracking in itself.  The exam is a rigorous process that takes a lot of persistence, but it is well worth the work!”

“The CPA modules went well; I did quite a bit of studying in the evenings after work, but the weekends were pretty much free. I definitely felt nervous leading up to the CFE, but also got to the point where I was just ready to get it over with. After the exam was definitely a relief just having that monkey off my back.”

“When studying, try to stay confident in the process – it was designed for you to succeed. The amount of information you need to absorb is overwhelming, but it is designed to be that way so don’t let the vast amount of information discourage your studies. In the few days leading up to the exam ensure to do something you enjoy; it’s important to de-stress before the three-day gauntlet.”