While we are continuing to improve as a collective on a daily basis, here are a few highlights from years passed. Check out our Facebook page for a current feed on all the things we do day to day!


Read this great article in "The Natural Leader" about one of our partners, Colette Miller to find out how her connection with horses has proved to be invaluable in the workplace and life.

One of our Partners, Renée Senko, is featured in the Spring 2017 issue of Capitalize magazine discussing "The Rural Advantage" of living and working in a smaller community. CLICK HERE and check out pages 15 & 16 to read more.

Hats off to Aimee Campbell, CPA and Brad Lussier, CPA, the office's two newest designated staff.  Congratulations!!


In the spring of 2016, we welcomed OlsonLaw to Vegreville. We are now an association of independent professional advisors with a specific interest in the areas of family farm transition, family business succession and Wills and Estates.

Our professional staff continues to grow with three new designated accountants. Congratulations to Blake Rogerson, CPA CA, Marc Bredo, CPA and Bryce Johnston, CPA on their accomplishments. Way to go guys! More details here.


Cheers to Joel Wright, the office’s most recent CA graduates, on their career milestone!


Congratulations to two of our partners for being honoured for exemplary service to the community and profession at the annual ICAA Merit Awards. Kyle Bodnarchuk received an Early Achievement Award for his early career accomplishments and Curtis Palichuk was awarded his Fellow of Chartered Accountants designation (FCA), the highest title in the profession, for all that he has given back to the community and profession. Find out more HERE.

We are very proud of being profiled in the inaugural issue of the CPA magazine “Vision Alberta”, which commemorates unification of the accounting profession. You can find “Co-chairs’ Roundtable” with Curtis Palichuk on page 5 and “Following in his Footsteps” with Colette Miller on page 44.

Our very own Curtis Palichuk has been named as Co-chair of the new provincial accounting body. We are extremely proud of Curtis and know that he will be an excellent asset in the movement to unify the accounting profession in Alberta and across Canada – a move that will have an impact locally and across the country. Read the full article here!

Our highly trained professional staff is constantly improving and growing. Congratulations to Meghan Saskiw on receiving her CA designation this year!


Have you seen the 2013 ICAA Annual Report in Spotlight Magazine? CLICK HERE and check out page 5 & 6 to find out why students prefer a mid-size firm!

A big congratulations to Kaelyn Bodnarchuk and Penny Tchir for obtaining their CA designations.


Way to go Michael Marcaccio and Ashley Bodnarchuk, our newest CA’s in the office!


We have some great leadership and experience among us here at Wilde & Company. Read this great article on one of our very own Partners, Colette Miller.